The stupid things I get asked once in a blue moon?

Ok so today I had an argument about cheating. This guy told me that incest isn't cheating, same with if he screws another guy. He also believes it's not cheating with another women as long as there's no bareback vaginal intercourse. I just looked at him and said the only thing I consider not cheating is no physical contact. Who all agrees with him and who all agrees with me?
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  • I disagree with both.

    • More details?

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    • We left the town causing all the issues and found a beautiful home to raise a family

    • Awe how sweet:)

Most Helpful Guy

  • God what a pathetic degenerate lol.

    • I agree right? He says he has 4 girlfriends and a fling with his sister. I didn't know if I should hit him or walk away. I walked away worried he would hump my leg if I hit him

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  • Better off with out him. he's an idiot who will get you in trouble.

  • The fuck, lol

  • So talking is cheating according to you?

    • No not at all

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    • No, that might have been what you intended to imply, but you failed.

    • If you knew how to properly read you would understand what I was implying got back to high school, increase you English mark and try again

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