Like someone who I shouldn't?

OK, so ever since I met this girl I have been in love with her. The problem is something is just telling me that I shouldn't like her. For the purpose of this I'm just going to call the person Jill. So Jill is amazing and is really like everything about her, but she is more out going while I'm more reserved. I'm way more focused on school as I'm going onto medical school, but I still see her try in school and she is ambitious which is a quality that really matters to me. We talk some (as far as I know she doesn't know my feelings) and I really can't tell how she feels back. She is wonderful, just something tells me not to like her when she is amazing and my heart is telling me to go after her. Please help me!!!


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  • Easy dude. And keep calm first. Seems like last days of December is being nasty on everyone.
    Unless, you tell what is that something which tells you not to go after her, the issue can't be fully solved. After reading, the problem might be that you are just overly concerned of future and that she has an easy going face it whenever it comes attitude which is scaring you. Now coming back to the point of studies, you need to put some conclusion over this matter or it will eat you up. So the only solution is go and talk straight forward. That's the way to confirm what is going on in her head about you. A student of Medicine is not supposed to be nervous to speak straight.
    What's more you're being contradictory also. You like her and say you shouldn't be doing so. To be really frank, it's anxiety that is preventing you from even asking her out. Have courage. Talk to her and face it all where it comes.

  • Yes.


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