Why I can't find girlfriend (17yo)?

i dont understand why i can't find girlfriend. im nice guy , im every day in gym for year now, im friendly and i can say for my self that i look good, but why girl only watch me? im getting looks all the day from everywhere everytime, they look like they are obbsessed with me but im too scared to go and talk to them, is problem in me? Should i go and talk to girl or stay and wait them to talk to me? And i dont even know to who to talk, they are all cute and beatiful , and they all look in me, i find them all attractive , should i just wait them to talk to me?


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  • I feel the same way... Its just the way it is sometimes.

    • Ur girl, u should not have problems , there are millions of guys who will approach you, its not normal when girl approach man , but in my case im too scared of rejection i think. Girls think that i have girlfriend or they dont approach me cuz they would rather date someone skinny or fat xd.

    • But no males ever do, thats the thing.

    • For sure someone will do, i would go right tommorow to girl which i like but i dont even her name, how old is she, and does she have boyfriend, also i dont speak perfectly language cuz im learning it already 2years, only what i know is that she is cute af and she is staring in me every time im in gym.

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  • This hits too close.
    You're overqualified, my dude.
    Same happened with me.
    Low self esteem made me doubt myself. Until people told me that i look like a superstar. They looked at me like i'm retarded when i said that i don't look good.
    I needed compliments, but people were thinking i know how awesome i am. I'm pretty sure you're in the same boat.

    • Im really focused to be beast and look as good and big as i can , but i dont think for me that im better then someone only cuz i can deadlift or bench 10 times more then he can xd
      And why u think im overqualified? How can i change that xd should i shave my head and be bald or just get fat or skinny af xd?

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    • Yea i think thats the only thing what i can do and should do xd, and about 200 m8
      Oh that will be my warm up i hope so ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
      Thanks for advice fam :D

    • Cheers, fam.

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  • You said it yourself my dude, if you don't approach anyone how will they know you're interested in them?

    • How can i know they dont have bf? Like girl who was obv interrested in me she actually had boyfriend and i was thinking to ask her to go out with me, i would not even talk to her if i knew before that she have boyfriend , she was too obv flirting with me , giving me compliments and staring in me whole time in gym, isn't that wierd?

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    • I dont want to destroy other relationships only cuz of me, im not scared of anyone or anything , i just dont want other to hate me.

    • And it would be so awkward , that is first thing what i should not ask girl about her ex or does she have boyfriend, and just think about rejecting me and i have to see her next few year every day, or just think about she leave her boyfriend just to be with me? I know him , he is asshole, "wanna be gangsta and badboy"but still its not fair and its stupid.
      And every time i ask her anonimously on ask. fm she respond why you ask or dont respond.

  • You just answered your own question. It's because you don't talk to them. They must be waiting for you to say something.

    • to who should i talk to? and maybe they think im ugly or stupid? maybe they will reject me or maybe they think i have girlfriend already , i dont know what i should do, and also i live in this country since 2015 and i dont speak that language perfectly so im scared that i won't understand them and that they will reject me. ;(

  • Because you a pussy


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