Crazy Nervous for first date. Help?

She is amaaazzing. Like way to good for me. And I don't know how I got her to talk to me for this long let alone agree to meeting up with me. I know this is a really self defeating attitude, but like this is how I feel and it's making me so nervous.

Date is tomorrow. Any advice?


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  • Be genuine in your attitude just as you treat yourself and your loved ones. Fumbling happens when we want the other person to take note of us doing great things just for the act of impression. Wrong. Be natural and composed the way you are. And since you said that you were meeting each other for long time, means she took considerable time to agree to go out with you. She saw that you're genuine in your attitude towards her and so she agreed. So give her the same genuine attitude during the date that you held her with all these time. Be the guy who was with her all these days. She wants to see the same person everyday. She sees a possible prospect in you.
    So All the best for your date.
    If you need to ask anything more, leave a reply or PM me without hesitation.
    And by the way, 1 healthy tip: Treat everyone near you, (whoever it be) very nicely. It leaves a good impression.


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  • You should never think she's too good for you, if she agreed to go on a date with you she absolutely doesn't think that. Being confident in yourself is important, she wants to be in your company just as much as you do her, if not she wouldn't of agreed to a date. Good luck bro.

  • So what's your date night going to be like if you don't mind me Asking? I've never actually been on a date, but would like to get ideas? I feel like if be in your shoes exactly, I'm just a shy ass dude that gets nervous so easily. I love to sell my self short.

    • Well im picking her up so im like meeting her family =3
      We are doing dinner and a 12 days of Christmas tour at a cool historic house. I don't know..

      ya im real nervous man. she's amazing..

    • I'm glad for you man! Hope things turns out well. We all need happiness. Good luck man, your date night sounds fun interesting as well. Cheers.

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