Im not sure what to do?

I've been told im a natural gentleman, sweet, lovable and cool. I spoil woman and treat them with utmost respect. Just as should it be. But when i tell the woman i have feelings for them, they tell me im like a brother or just a friend. What should i do?


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  • Treating people with respect is not spoiling them. It earns you respect. Coming to the point, although people are into casual hook-ups these days, the studs and womanizer have good following, and the nice guys often get bro-zoned and friend-zoned and they doesn't seem to be attracting girls, these facts aren't entirely true. On the contrary, gentlemen like you have healthy long term relationships. And so women, who want a stable relationships are indeed into guys who are gentlemen.
    Another point that I would like to make is that at times women might feel insecure by the goodness you give them. And they might defer you by saying you're like a good friend or brother till they make sure that the way you treat them is genuine. They're always suspicious of good behavior and not trash behavior. And it is good to some extent. In this way you can refine down the number of prospects you would consider for healthy relationships. And indulge with girls who are really serious about it.
    Keep being a gentleman. It is worth the wait. Worth the friend-zoning. Worth the bro-zoning. Worth the mockery from peers. Because in the end your life is gonna be a lot more lovable than your peers.

    • Wow. I never seen it that way. Thank you

    • If you liked, Please do put that in your MHO, and MHG. I'd be very happy and grateful

  • Dude, women dont deserve to be treated like queens, even they know that


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