Is there anything wrong with asking a friend to help you find someone?

I get that sometimes it’s best to find someone on your own as it’s more natural. But is it really such a bad idea to ask a friend to just introduce you to new people just to see what happens? I personally don’t like set ups as it’s too much pressure, but no harm in meeting new people cause you never know. Sometimes you have to ask a friend to get into a new circle.


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  • Na, friends usual know what you like and what you are into and help match you with the same type

    • I agree, thank you.
      The reason I ask this is cause today a friend of mine asked our other friend (who likes me, but has a girlfriend.)
      if there was anyone on his soccer team, and he went on about how I need to find someone on my own and setting me up isn’t gonna work that well. We technically were not asking for set up, just if there were any nice single guys he knew. I just thought maybe lighten up and bit and pay along. Should I be reading into that?

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    • Meh I’m guessing not much will come of it lol
      I’ll probably give him shit about it next time I see him (not actually but you know, just cause that’s how we are with each other, we tease) But I won’t hound him about why he won’t introduce me to anyone in case it stirs up things.

    • Indeed you got this

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