Why am I incapable of getting a girlfriend if I’m not unattractive?

Like seriously I have people tell me I’m not bad looking and I get continuously rejected I have people tell me girls look at personality and im
very friendly and would put others before myself once again I get rejected. So I find myself staring at couples on occasion and asking myself how do they do it it’s hard


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  • Girl like organic connections.. nothing forced. You might be trying too hard. Being a nice person doesn't entitle you to girls, are you fun? Are you funny? Do you have great things to do and talk about? This is what a girl wants to know before deciding if she's interested

    • Yes I can easily make people laugh I can turn almost anything into a joke which is another lie I have heard too is that girls like guys who can make them laugh well I can have people laughing non stop and nothing happens

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  • I think maybe you need to have more positive self-image I think you look for it look to get turn down so you find reasons to be turned down I think you need to have more confidence in yourself and you only expect positive outcomes and if it don't happen with the girl move on to the next one until you do a good girl

    • Dude there’s a line between self esteem and self respect and this shit is starting to cross over into self respect which I have a lot of

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    • People tell me that but how long I’m smart enough to know certain parts stop working correctly when you start getting older also your chances of having healthy children go down as well

    • You might want to maybe look in the international Russian women are very beautiful and smart you might want to give them a chance

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  • stop stressing youself in that matter sweetie. Just relax and when you never expect it the right one will appear in your life, just dont rush things you might regret it.


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  • Its all about the "nice guys finnish last", I wouldn't say its totally true, , but it has something of truth
    The thing is, girls want adventure, don't be a jerk, but don't be someone that they can use for compliments and stuff
    Let them feel emotions, dont be always available, but dont change yourself too much

    • I wouldn’t classify myself as a nice guy I just don’t do wild reckless shit like a lot of people I’m more controlled

  • Girl play games.

    • Truthfully I’m ready to give up

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