Should I reach out or wait for her?

I met a girl online. We went out a few weeks ago. It was awkward.. she was clearly a nervous wreck. I reached out to her that night and said I had a good time.. she replied with a smile and said she did, too. Reached out 3 days later and asked her again. Setup a date. Reached put a couple days before the date.. had some small talk. The day we went out she was nervous. Still lookkng down at the menu after ordering.. playing with her hair constantly. We ate pizza.. drank.. had a good time. We walked around for a few hours later. I walked her to the car. I opened her car for her. We made out a bit. She hugged me and told me to drive safely. She giggled as she closed the door. Sent her a text that night and she said she had a great time. Reached out a couple of days later to see when she was going out of town for the holidays. She stopped responding mid conversation. Weird.

I reached out 4 days later. She was enthusiastic.. said she was out of town. Told her that we should get together next weekend (this weekendl) "Yes we should!" Told me a friend was coming back with her just to visit and if I was going out with my friends I could bring them along and we could all meet up. Don't have any plans with friends except NYE.. asked of they were down for seeing some live music on Saturday. She responded with "We might be down.. let me know what band." I told her and said we should go Sat. She responded the next day on Christmas and said "I'll let you know! Merry Christmas!" Haven't heard anything yet. I don't want to seem like I'm playing games by not reaching out to her.. but the date is in her court now. Should I wait for her to ler me know?


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  • Just text her, what do got to lose. Some girls will not text because they're shy or overthink it


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