How to do a relationship “restart”?

My relationship of 1.5 years became
Extremely toxic within the last 4 months. My boyfriend and i have argued constantly and broke up a few times (due to me getting jealous over social media). I found out recently that he has been having doubts about the relationship because of it (i also feel lied to. But, that is another story). Anyways, we have both agreed to work on this and start over. How do we go about it?


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  • You don't restart.
    Thats the worst way to make sure that you both end up hating each other.
    You end it, work on yourself and if paths are to intersect, you give it another try.
    And you said that it become toxic, and the funny part is the toxic relationships are addictive and every split and patch up makes it worse than before, to an point where one or both of them are broken beyond repair


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  • Dont forget what has happened but move on. Treat it as though it hasn't happened but dont forget what happend. And go slow.

  • You can't start over.

    • Why not? Can’t you forgive your partner for the hurt? Can’t you try and move on and make a better relationship?

    • You can try to forgive, but you can never forget. And the next time something comes up, all of the memories of the other bullshit will inevitably come back. You can't start over.

  • Once there is a first break up it is over


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