Can anyone help me with some unique ideas so I can impress my crush?

We works in this food mart. We barely talk but recently i came to know that there's this other guy to who's trying to get her. Basically he's like f*ckboy. And i don't want her to go with that type of guy. Girlsasksguys help me out please.


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  • Oh dear. This is like watching a train wreck. Good luck, son. I'll be on the lookout for your post about "why did she date him instead of me?" Then we'll talk.

    • Why would you say that? You could've inspired me instead.

    • Because you wouldn't like what I had to say and you're too far gone to listen. People like having honey poured into their ears instead, so listen to the guy telling you to just keep asking her out for now I guess.

    • That's how you give the advice now. Ok. I'll ask her out. You should've added this in the first comment man. Thanks though.

  • Yeah, how about talking to her, that's a start.

    You know why fuckboys luck out sometimes?

    Because statistically they will if they try enough times and have the confidence to try enough times


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