How can I work on being less jealous/insecure in my relationship?

I get jealous when my boyfriend mentions other girls. Or, when he likes photos of girls. I also get jealous when he talks to them.


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  • Is he being considerate in not bringing up others girls frequently or in ways that might reasonably be bothersome to most women? If the answer to this is no, then you need to work on trusting him. First, do you find him trustworthy? Has she shown you good reason to trust him over a period of time. If yes, then assess if you are slowly getting more trustful of him. If not, then ask yourself why. See if you can find the reason, and work on that issue. If there is no particular reason you can find not to trust, and if it is interfering with you relationship or making you nervous or uneasy, then you may want to find a personal counselor to help you learn how to trust.

  • Do you trust him?

    • Not really.

    • It isn’t because he’s necessarily done anything. But, i don’t.

    • "it isn't because he's necessarily done anything" that's like saying. "I have no facts. But I trust my feelings"
      1) start thinking with your brain ffs, like the rest of humanity.
      2) the fact that you don't trust him feeds your jealousy.

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