Never been kissed...for real lol

I'm loving that this is anonymous hehe...I don't think ANY of my friends know this wee fact about me only my family. I think they'd be pretty surprised.

I'm not worried about's quite funny really that it hasn't happened because I get plenty of attention from guys! But I guess I always waited for someone pretty special growing up and now it's like sheesh clock is ticking by! lol.

So yeah I've always wondered...should I tell the guy before we kiss or would that be just awkward, and make the guy nervous and think 'Geez I can't do this wrong she won't forget it!' Or should I tell him after at a later date? Thing is I personally would like to tell them before I think so that if I'm crap they know why haha.

Or if I told him would he think oh no has she been waiting for 'the one' or something (which is not the case at all)...and it might also freak him out in that sense.

Would it put you off guys if a girl told you this? Cheers :)

I'm 23 btw!


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  • Personally, I'd just go for it.

    I guess it also depends on the guy. If you've got a close and open relationship then I guess you could tell him.

    Or just tell a white lie, that you 'havnt kissed in a few years' and apologize if it's sloppy but really, a kiss shouldn't consist of conversation first. it should just flow into the kiss and go OK.

    Maybe tell him after? Doing so leaves him no time to panic because once you've kissed it's happened and there's nothing nobody can do about it :)

    • True that :) Thanks for the advice appreciate it. Your right it shouldn't consist of conversation first lol. Agreed, I won't let him know until after. Would you tell him straight after or a few weeks after? Who really cares I guess lol...will play it by ear!

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    • ALso, you might feel the kiss went OK, but not good.. and that you kind of get the jist.. just go for it again! :)

    • Hmmm...okay wouldn't tell him unless I had to. But if it came to a few weeks down the road and we were dating I think I would. As it's not something I'm ashamed of and he might actually appreciate the fact I've waited so long :)

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  • I assume you have never had a boyfriend before? well if it makes you feel better, I'm 22, still never had a girlfriend

    • Yeah I'm comfortable round guys and have met guys where something almost happened, but for one reason or another circumstances didn't allow it. Just unlucky thus far in love I guess. Oh well don't worry it's nothing to be ashamed of :). Thanks for your comment.

      Oh and from a guys perspective. Would you want to know if a chick hadn't kissed before or would that make ya nervous? Thanks again :)

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    • Well normally I am always just being myself, I just say Hi to her, introduce myself, like I say "I'm Andrew, what's your name"? and talk about whatever is going on around us

    • Sounds perfectly fine to me :)

  • Well, I wouldn't mind, I'd rather be glad.

    Girls with inexperience are usually the ones that will last a while..

    But, if it happens at an early age, then you have experience and what not..

    BUT, the first should be special.

    ...mine wasn't and I regret it.

    • Thanks for your comment :)...would you want to know that a girl hadn't before or after that first kiss? Or would it just make you more nervous to perform lol.

      Yes lets hope it's special after waiting so long!

    • Well, before the kiss.

      Why? Because the guy would have that special feeling that he's her first.

      He knows that if he's also her first, then she couldn't have gotten very far with any other guy and he'd never have to worry about how far she got before.

      But hey, that's just what I believe.

    • Good to know thanks again :)

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  • i was 18 when I got mine, and it was at a party with a guy who I had mutual friends with. I was planning on waiting until I met someone I really liked, but he wasn't coming around, so I just went for it. I didn't tell him either. actually, no one knows he was my first. but there have been several boys since hahah. I don't regret it at all, I see it as practice for the person who I'm REALLY going to want to be with. (I am 19 now btw)

    • Thanks :) Yeah I agree why waste ya time waiting. Good to get it over with else it's just going to turn in to a much bigger deal than it is the longer you wait. Yeah practice makes perfect right ;)

  • I am not boy, but I think tell him after the kiss. If he turns shy it will be too late anyway. On a positive note he may like you more because of the inference of purity.

    • Haha okay thanks a lot for taking the time to answer :)