What to do when hanging out at a guys house?

okay so this guy i’ve been talking to on snapchat and that i work with asked to come over to my house. We work together and have hung out during school at lunch once. I told him i might be able to have him over but probably not because my parents are over protective and stuff. So he recently asked if i wanted to come “chill” at his house. i said yes and Next week i’m going and i’m really nervous cause i’m 16 and have never been to a guys house before. i don’t know what we are supposed to do and like it might be awkward cause we don’t know each other that well. i want to get to know him and i do want to go to his house i just don’t know how to act and what ur supposed to do when going to a guys house. like are u supposed to just sit on the couch and talk or? lol. helpppp. ALSO... he isn’t a fuckboy or anything so the most we would probably do is maybe kiss
go to his house
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What to do when hanging out at a guys house?
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