What to do when hanging out at a guys house?

okay so this guy i’ve been talking to on snapchat and that i work with asked to come over to my house. We work together and have hung out during school at lunch once. I told him i might be able to have him over but probably not because my parents are over protective and stuff. So he recently asked if i wanted to come “chill” at his house. i said yes and Next week i’m going and i’m really nervous cause i’m 16 and have never been to a guys house before. i don’t know what we are supposed to do and like it might be awkward cause we don’t know each other that well. i want to get to know him and i do want to go to his house i just don’t know how to act and what ur supposed to do when going to a guys house. like are u supposed to just sit on the couch and talk or? lol. helpppp. ALSO... he isn’t a fuckboy or anything so the most we would probably do is maybe kiss
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  • If you trust him enough to know that you'll be safe, then go for it! It's nerve wracking but being in your teens and getting this experience is what being a teenager is all about. You'll most likely watch a movie and have whatever convos come up but who knows. It's likely he will be just as nervous as you are even though you're the one coming over. You're in the driver seat and can allow whatever you're comfortable with. If kissing is as far as you want to go then just do that and have fun. You'll learn from the experience either way and who knows what might come of it.

    • I second this motion

    • Ok thank you i feel a much better now. i will update this post about how it went !!

    • Good luck and have fun! Looking forward to hearing how it goes :D

  • Everything should be insticntly n natural such questions can't be answered or planned just be urself there don't go to extremes n be safer


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  • Cancel plans


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