What should I do?

Yes he did, he is at work now. But he saw my snap story but didn't respond to my text. He tells me he likes me. We went on our second date going on our third, we just have to schedule one.


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  • What? I feel like that was suppose to be a text message to your bestie or something... like what do you mean what you should do? Go on your third date of course.

    • Like yes he did what?

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    • Okay, so I shouldn't worry? Do you think he still likes me?

    • Yep you shouldn't worry. You wanna know what happens when you worry? It gets real ugly. And yeah I think he still likes you. If he cancel it because of his sickness, it's a good call. I would've done the same.

  • What?

    • Huh?

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    • A guy I like he also claims to like me. We were suppose to go out on a date today, but he said he had the stomach flu and he said he didn't wanna give it to me. So we are gonna reschedule our third date. Then at about 3 pm today he didn't respond to my message.. He had to work tonight works third shift and he saw my snap story I put up. What's going on?

    • He is working... That's what. He is working.


      Also stomach flu is going around, I just recovered two days ago, my moms, my coworkers, everyone has it

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