What have been your experiences dating within versus outside of your socioeconomic class?

Loaded question with more questions lol

Would you date a person who is in or comes from a lower or higher class than yourself?

This isn't so much about defining your socioeconomic status or the one you feel you most "belong" to or "defined" by, but rather your thoughts/experiences about how it might be relating to someone of a different class in a romantic situation be it initial attraction/courting/first date or years of marriage/long-term relationship.

Feel free to hypothesize situations like an educated poor person or a poor person pursuing education or an uneducated rich person, rich person with no interest in formal education etc. The attraction can be yourself to them or vice versa.

With the ever-growing gap between poverty and wealth in America (or where you're from) and the role technology plays, I'm just wondering what people think :)


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  • My first boyfriend came from a pretty desperate economic situation. There was definitely a disconnect in experience and values as a result, but since we were quite young at the time (I was 15 he was 17) it was less of an issue than it would be now. I think the education factor especially would be a much bigger deal as we got older since we would be miles apart in terms of career and life objectives and having incredibly different lives. He dropped out in year 11, and to my knowledge is apprenticing in carpentry and I am rather academic, aiming to complete tertiary education. It would be much easier to date someone who had the same career trajectory as I do, regardless of socioeconomic level, but undoubtedly tertiary education is dominated by the middle and upper class.


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  • Yes, it's weird. "Just buy another one" "what do you mean you haven't been to Europe? Everyone goes in the summer" "why did you get a used car instead of new?"

    Didn't last, was more disgusted everyday that went by


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  • Been there. Higher watch what you say, act, and do. Low so called work and get what is needed and sometimes you are high class , just remember 1 thing society classifies us

  • I don't think status matters if they are willing to move up in life.


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