What's wrong with me?

I know a lot of you would say nothing but let's all face it: something's wrong. I feel like this app is now nothing more than a place to push out my feelings to people who couldn't care less. But I will do it anyway.
So I've tried a couple of dating apps: Tinder, Bumble, Lovvo. And I'm currently using Badoo. There are some guys in my area but they're either already taken or just don't wanna talk to me. I'm just wondering why. I have had some problems with my non-existent saying life in high school and I am very aware that one of my problems is that I'm just simply too impatient or too stressed out about this. But there has to be something else. I see all my friends out there building happy love life's and even raising kids and I haven't even held hands with a guy. Pretty. Freaking. Sad. And I've never been aware or known that a guy has had feelings for me. Even my sister got into a very short relationship when she was 15. I guess I'm just wondering how my friends too the steps they did to win a guy's heart. I have tried but every single time, failed in one way or another. I'm starting to get so desperate that I wanna hook up with that cute fuckboy player at my workplace. I guess I've said everything. I know this was stupid and pointless and I know that there are people out there going through the same thing but I thought I should write this anyway in hopes of feeling better :)
What's wrong with me?
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