Is it true shyness can be a turn off?

Okay. I've low self esteem instead of my friends saying i'm beautiful, cute and blah3. My current problem is, I don't have a boyfriend at all since all my crush (es) (2 for now) in my high schools end up liking my own best friends, so I was like.. Okay gotta move on. And the next thing I knew, I'm too afraid to even let myself fall for anybody right now. Even there's some guys (who are totally nice and comfortable to be with) asking me out, I just brushed them off. To say I'm not happy is totally a lie, because I've my wonderful family and amazing friends. But I DON'T have a boyfriend! It's just.. I don't know. I want to, but on the same time my heart is too afraid and fragile and I'm this shy kind of girl who always end up asked out by my own friends instead of my crush (this is some of my girlfriends told me before). Is it true it's not good to be shy? But i can be reaaaally super awkward and blushing all the time if I'm with someone that I interestend on and I end up befriending with guys that make me comfortable and somehow some of them end up liking me more than friends. Arghhh it's hard 😣
Is it true shyness can be a turn off?
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