Girl discovered I had girlfriend. She was interested in me lost interest soon after my relationship ended?

So my exgirlfriend was the worst relationship i have been info. To be honest i was only in it because the sex was good.

My ex never made time for me, she'd talk to random guys on social media that didn't even know she was taken. Never got me gifts. Whereas i did all those things for her. i even changed plans for her.

There was this girl i met by coincidence on a language learning app. She was interested in me and kept asking to meet me and get ti know each other. I kept making excuses because i had a girlfriend. i never added her I Facebook so she couldn't see i had a girlfriend. maybe she might have seen me comment on my ex Instagram...

I was considering dumping my ex for her because this girl seemed decent and nice. My ex dumped me some time ago because i didn't like the way she acts. But this girl i liked won't talk to me much. won't meet me. anything i can do?


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  • No, because she’s picked up on the fact you’d be a crappy boyfriend and is steering clear.
    Getting quality people means being so yourself. Staying with someone you don’t like for sex while cultivating flirtation with someone else isn’t what a quality man does

    • I was quality to my ex...

      I changed my plans for her. Even last minute. She would often make plans without me

      I was severely injured. Broke leg and she never offered to help me

      I bought her gifts. She bought me nothing

      She didn't display she was taken on social media and wouldn't put down guys that flirted with her. She would go out and dance with them too. I was exclusive.

      I woke up extra early to travel to her work place to give her favourite food to her.

      I changed my personality for her trying to please her

      I was only unsatisfied because of all the above and she didn't try.

    • You’re saying those things as though they’re accolades and it’s simply not. You chose to stay with someone who didn’t return your investment, and change yourself to try and please her. It’s not a smart thing to do and it rarely (I’d even say never) works out. Even with all that you STILL didn’t end your relationship- again that’s not a quality man.
      Regardless, you’ve made a choice to present yourself in a way that the majority of women don’t find attractive or appealing. No one wants to be the next girl he’s gone on with behind his girlfriends back, because it’s always going to happen again.
      Really, at our age you should understand how this works

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