What is appropriate?

Your boyfriend proposed to you, and you said yes. He is your dream guy. Which of the poll options describes how you feel for him?

Personally, I think women are trying to become too independent and would only 'want him.' Which is why divorce rates keep increasing. This is a problem for me, as I have a lot to lose. So marriage is a big concern for me.

But don't let my opinion influence your decision
  • I need him in my life
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  • I want him in my life
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  • I am not straight
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  • Need to me equals crucial to living. A husband is not equal to air, I wouldn’t suddenly expire if he were to pass away or leave me.
    So I want him in my life, and he is always my choice and priority - but I don’t need him to survive

    • I don't mean it like that. I mean like you need his love. Unless you decide you stop loving him onedsy

    • But it doesn’t matter how YOU mean it when you’ve asked for others interpretations on “need him in my life”.
      I need air, food, water and shelter... that’s it.
      I CHOOSE to have him in my life, just as he has mutually chosen me. I’d far prefer someone to want to be with me out of everyone else in the world than be reliant on me

  • I want a man in my life. I do not need one to survive. I will be OK without one and can sustain my own life but I choose to want a man because they offer love and care and support. I want intimacy. I want their affection. I dont think being independant is bad. Being dependant on a spouse can be dangerous especially speakint of financial dependancy. That can end up a mess. I saw what happened to my mom who is financially dependant on my dad. She has to put up with abuse because she cannot sustain life on her own. I will never have that happen to me.

    • But I am different. There is no need for you to ever work if you are married to me, I come from a very wealthy family. I personally, wouldn't mind a wife to be a housewife or help manage the company. I want to protect and provide for my family, not abuse them. Staying at home and looking after the kids, or going out working are equally important jobs.
      My mum is dependent on my dad, happily married for 30 years.

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    • Okay, but it is okay to challenge an opinion. Women need men. You said it would be okay to survive without one. Trust me, your life would be shit. Constantly inadequate when you look at how happy others are, and how lonely you feel.

    • You literally asked us our opinion and then whine like a little kid when we give it. You are not challenging anything. You just even said yourself that "women need men' after asking US our thoughts. You made your mind up. Your refuse to accept any answer besides the one you clearly believe. Pointless to ask questions then if you are gonna get confrontational and insulting when people do answer. Shamr

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