Guys, Whys he come back?

A few weeks ago a guy I was talking to ended our chats.
We met on tinder, we have a few mutual friends and have spoken before a few years ago.
He works near me but lives about a hour away.
It was quite apparent he wasn’t interested in anything other than phone chat and we exchanged a few saucy messages etc. He did try to get me to do phone sex but I wouldn’t.
Eventually he politely wished me well and said he hoped I found someone who could offer me more that pics and chat. I wished him well too and that was that.
He messaged me to wish me a merry Christmas and I wished him too.

However he messaged me yesterday saying that he had been thinking about me.
I’m a little confused. If he knows he’d never meet me why he’s bothered to start things up again. I really did quite like him and was abit disappointing he didn’t want things to go further.
How should I play this with him?
Guys, Whys he come back?
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