He is not interested in my life?

Next month I am going to the prom with my male friend. I asked my boyfriend If he is ok with that and he said that he is and that's not a problem at all. But he doesn't want to come to it, also yesterday I called him to say some good news that my very good female friend is coming to that prom far from another city just to see us and he was so rude and said "how are those news connected with me". Also few days ago I had some family issues and I run to his house because I need to calm down and he didn't even hug me or talk to me about it because he had to finish some work (but I asked him If I can come to his house and he said yes), so I went out on coffee with his sister, and it was great but I really feel that he doesn't give a fuck about me or my feelings. Does he love me at all? He never hugs me, he kisses me once or twice or sometimes never when we see each other. I don't know what to think about that anymore. We are together for 7 months.


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  • It sounds like he's not that into you anymore. I mean thats all I can say with the limited info youve given. Has he always been standoffish? Is he just emotionally stunted?

    • From the beginning he was cold, he is not type of guy who likes to cuddle or something like that, but I thought that he would get interest in things like this because he loves me, but it is not happening... Most of time he is acting like he is not afraid of losing me and that hurts sometimes

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    • Do you think there is a chance he is going to change?

    • There is always a chance but I can't say. I dont know him like you do. In the time youve been together have you noticed any change at all? Does he hold you or touch you more? I know its a hard decision but you need to sit down and seriously think on if he's what you need going forward. Just how much you want to put up with.

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  • Oh jeez, fair warning I'm going to be blunt... You're "boyfriend", if you can call him that, is an arrogant jerk. Everything you just described him doing is terrible as a boyfriend. If you weren't dating and he was trying to avoid dating you he'd be doing great. Dump him, seriously get him out of your life, that's all I have to say about it.

  • HEY! (sorry) are you guys ignoring the fact that he could be asexual?

  • May be he found something more interesting


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