Why do girls laugh at me behind my back?

I have a weird situation. Sincs i have been hitting on girls, for like 8 years now since middle school i often experience, that whenever i try to talk to a girl, they start making joke out of me behind my back. It feels, that whatever i do, girls just laugh at me. Im a man with a great job, i also run a little business, engineering degree, and im also very communicative. When i try bragging about my achievements in life, girls make fun of me because im just a peackock. When i try approaching a girl without even releaving my advantages, they just simply consider me as a friend, because they dont feel any potential. When i try to reach the aurora mediocritas with this, i still get laughted at. Somehow it feels, that whatever i achieve, or do, or try, i only get rejection and giggled at. My only thought is that my looks does not reach their needs. Im not ugly at all, but im totally not metrosexual either. Somehow it feels, that if a hot guy tries to approach a girl, he has success whatever he says or tries, and if i try my best, i only get rejection. Why did looks become so important nowdays? Im not saying that being handsome is not important, but girls nowdays seek beautifulness in a man, which should be a girls privilege. A man should not be beautiful, ratherhandsome.


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  • B205E, I have not came across such an event where girls would continuously laugh at me whenever I approach them.

    For me it depends entirely. But, you can now ask yourself this question: Do you feel bothered by it?

    • Obviously not every single girl does this, but a pretty decent portion of them. Does it bother me? Well, it used to bother me a lot, because I don't think it was fair to behave like this. Too bad most of the girls have such high ego just becaouse of their looks.

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