Should I start a long distance relationship with him as my first love?

So me and him liked each other in grade 11 but did not get together because he said he wasn't ready for a relationship. Between these two years, there has been a lot of back and forth of liking then not liking each other, but nothing ended up happening. Fast forward to now, I just graduated high school and he just finished first year of uni. We started talking again after a group catch up and later on he told me that's when he started liking me again. However, I have decided to move to another city for university. So we decided to have a catch up with just us two before i leave. What happened in that "catch up" has pushed this situation forward and i don't know what to do anymore. We ended up giving each other our first kiss. We had two other dates, and he recently told me he "figured out his feelings" and will tell me them when we meet again. From the other things he told and asked me, i can tell that it will be some sort of love confession.

Now the dilemma is clear: I want to start uni fresh and not be tied to a relationship, but also he is so special to me and after two years of back and forth i finally have a chance to be with him yet the only way is having a long distance relationship, which i know will be very difficult. He knows that long distance would be hard but he said "at least it would have been something", and i do agree with that also. I want it to be something. Can someone give me some advice on which option is better for me? Start long distance now, or go into uni single and fresh?
Should I start a long distance relationship with him as my first love?
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