What does it mean when Ex Girlfriend's BEST FRIEND is showing signs of liking me?

I knew a girl. I met her first. We expressed attraction to each other but I went off to college. I started dating a new girl. She got mad and said she would "never talk to me again".

Feeling bad I reached out to her life long BEST FRIEND. We developed a connection. Soon we started dating away from our home town. Nothing serious but had exclusive fun. Bestie would tell me that the original girl warned her I was a 'player'. Soon we progressed to nearly having sex the first time and she abruptly dumped me.

6 years go by...

Original girl gets hired at my job. She once said shed never talk to me but now is greeeting me with a hug. I message her congrats about a work project. She thanks me and says she want to hug me at the holiday party. She hugs me in front of other female coworkers and my female boss. Arms around my neck and arched back.

She now brings up random stuff about her best friend (my ex). Talks about her cat or asks if I remember her bestie.

Now I have a crush on this girl. But I dont know if her bestie kept our dating a secret from her. Does she know the saucy details? Is it safe to pursue her?
  • A) She was the original one that liked you
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  • B) Your Ex dumped you because her Bestie liked you first
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  • C) Your Ex lost attraction but said good things to your ex about you
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  • D) Your ex girlfriend told her every detail of your romance and she got jealous
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  • E) She is manipulating you for ex girlfriend revenge or testing
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  • F) Just random chance several years later
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  • G) Multiple things could be true
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  • It means that she wants to get close to you and then murder you when she has the chance for hurting her bestie

    • Her bestie broke up with me.

      I hurt the girl cuz I dated the bestie instead of her.

    • OHH lol soz bro I didn't really get a chance to fully read it, just skim through. I'm a busy man and have other posts to troll

    • Lol. I didn't hurt the girls bestie. The girls bestie dumped me. I hurt the girl who wants to murder me.

  • You're one smart fucker, i see.
    Just remember that relations at work can only mean trouble.


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