Girls: What is your take on a guy who is a frequent skateboarder?

I'm 22 I've been skating for over a decade now. Most girls I meet SEEM indifferent about it but, I would like to know what you gals think about a guy who skates regularly (weekends mainly)? Also would you try to make him/me quit if there were a relationship involved?
  • I love skateboarding, I'd be supportive and watch him skate.
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  • Indifferent. Keep skating, doesn't matter to me.
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  • Skateboarding is stupid. You should stop.
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  • I'd never try to encourage my SO to quit his hobby.. or some recreational activity that he gained pleasure from in his free time

    I'd support him and enjoy watching him.


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  • You look older than that

    • Lol well I am 23 now but, I do get that a lot. People tend to think I'm in the 25-27 range. I take it as a compliment.

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