What should she do with her man baby off a boyfriend?

So a friend of mine is in this relationship. Basically, he was telling my friend that he was going to another city with a friend , telling her that he left his phone charger behind and that his phone was dying. He then sent her a snap telling her that he was actually running errands in the city where they live.

she's currently in her home town with family over the holidays going to see more family at the weekend. Hasn’t seen him in a week but they have kept in contact throughout social media texting etc.

She got angry with him, told him to “fuck off” cause of the way he lied to her , he starts putting snaps saying that he’s heartbroken and that he will see her around. Almost like he’s ending the relationship.

Her sister messages and he tells her he thinks she’s ill cause of the way she’s “over reacting “ (He’s messing with her head ) me and her sister have s en the messages from him and I think it was deliberate on his part.

He then says that he’s sensitive to her swearing at him , acting like a sulky child when he’s supposed to be older then her at 27. He then proceeds to tell her that he doesn’t like drama (even though he created it ) cause he had enough “stress “ at the moment. I think he’s jealous that she’s spending more time with her family over Christmas then she is with him cause he hasn’t seen her in a week.

she had a situation with him before hand that he wanted to face time with her , she said no cause she was tired and it was quite late. He then tells her the n day that he reacted the way he did because he thought “she was bored of him “ cause she hadn’t been showing him enough attention


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  • Sounds needy and a bit immature. But does the guy have a lot of his own family? If he's all alone he could be hurt that she didn't invite him. But I don't know he does need to grow up


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