Guys, help me choose between these 4 texts to send to a guy I want to see?

Basically we saw eachother for the 3rd time on the 26th. I kind of want to see him tomorrow but we are pretty casual and we aren't at a stage where we defined our relationship or anything. Basically when we see eachother we cuddle, makeout and talk. Anyways. It's only been 2 days since we last talked and I don't want to seem too into him or too eager or needy or some shit. I don't want him to think I take up all of his time. Anyways so here are the 4 texts I came up with :

1. Hey, it's like cold, really cold. Makes me want to cuddle so obviously you came to mind first. Are you free soon?

2. Tired of the old dilemma of should I text or not? Haha not my style to wait around. Tell me when you are free and we'll meet up!

3. Hey, a film you'd like just came up on Netflix. Wanna watch it with me?

4. Hey, when are we meeting for those 2 shots of vodka? Hope all is well in this freaking cold weather!

(The last one makes a reference to a sort of inside we have). So in your opinion, which one would be best? Which one, if you were in his place, wouldn't make me seem like a really needy person to already want to see him 2 days after our last meet up?

Feel free to add suggestions!
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Thank you all for your suggestions!
I went with the 1st text.
He replied saying it was damn cold and that he was free this weekend.
So Yay! Everything went fine 😁
Guys, help me choose between these 4 texts to send to a guy I want to see?
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