Does he like me or is he just playing around?

So I've been super close with this guy for over a year, we were both in separate relationships when we met but have now both been single for quite some time. Over the past 3 months we've hooked up with each other multiple times, but he's had one night stands with other girls too...
Sometimes I feel like he genuinely likes me... other times not...
I asked him how he felt yesterday because I was confused by the whole situation and he said that he doesn't hook up with someone unless there's feelings there, but he doesn't want to admit that he likes me because he doesn't want a relationship right now because he has other stuff going on in his life that has him stressed out. He said it's not fair for him to tell me he likes me when there's no certainty that we would ever get together when he sorts his life out. He also said he's not going to change his behaviour because he likes the freedom etc.
So does he like me but is too afraid to admit it? Is he genuinely waiting to see how he feels when his life is better? Or does he just want to carry on sleeping about and keep me on his good side?
I think he really contradicted himself when he said he has feelings but doesn't want to say he likes me... so now I'm so confused!!


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  • He likes you but that doesn't mean he loves you, may be he likes you as a person, your nature or you in bed.. this guy sounds like he is enjoying his freedom and doesn't like to be bound by relationship... so if you are planning a future with him i dont think its gonna happen.


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