To meet or not to meet?

Dear all,

My girlfriend broke up with me one month ago, while she abroad on her vacation.

Since then she tried to contact me several times, but we never actually talked.

She should come back in few days, so my question is - whether I should meet her ?

Of course, "technically" - I don't owe her anything, but I do believe that she may expect me to meet her.

I really do not know what is going on in her life during this month we didn't talk, but I thought

if there is a chance us to come back - it may be a good starting point.

And if there is no chance - it really doesn't matter, I will just do a "friendly gesture".

What do you think ?


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  • You need to do what's best for you and if this is really worth it in the long run. Lord knows what she got up to in her time away, do you really want to her if she met someone or had a fling?! You need to weight up the pros and cons and see if it is really worth it.

    She broke from you on her vacation obviously as the result of something. But you are right, you don't owe her anything.


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