Should I text her, call her, or wait?

I've been seeing a girl from my university that I met on tinder. We went out 3 times each about a week apart. The first 2 times I took her nice places and then we went to her dorm after to talk and cuddle. The third time was really cold so we just went to her dorm and watched a movie. Then Christmas break happened and when I asked her out again (via text) she said after break. I have a feeling it's because she doesn't want to tell her parents about me since I'm 21 and she's 18 but I haven't asked her.
Anyways the last time i saw her was the 10th. She called me a couple days after that just to talk but I had a paper due at midnight that night so we only talked for like 10 minutes. Ever since then she hasn't initiated a conversation with me and when I try texting her our conversations don't last long at all except one time when I asked her about her favorite date she's been on which led to talking about her ex and she ended up calling me to talk about her ex boyfriend who broke up with her like 4 months ago and she says she's over. She talked about the problem they had and I didn't really know how to respond so I pretty much sympathized with her and changed the subject and then we talked for 45 minutes or so about random stuff. That call was the 18th I tried texting her once since then but it didn't go anywhere and she stopped responding. I also said merry Christmas on Christmas and she said it back.

Before I met her in person we used to have text conversations but now they are always short and meaningless and always initiated by me. I was planning to wait to contact her again either until she contacts me or until break is over on the 8th but I think about her all the time.

Should I try texting her again? Or should I call her even though I don't really have anything to say other than i want to talk to her? Or would it be best to wait it out and hope she contacts me and if not I can call her after break and ask her out?


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  • She sounds confused and young.. Also you don't drone about an ex that your over. She might be getting attention at campus too. But at the same time I'd. Call. I think she knows you like her but its nice to hear. And you will get a feel in her voice if it's welcoming disinterested or even guilty.. But keep in mind 3 dates.. She owes you nothing. So try to contact again.. Give a girl space and time.. And you won't be apart of her space or time. I feel for ya good luck

  • I didn’t read all of that but it sounds like Your smitten.
    She will also be aware of this and unfortunately it sounds like she is not as smitten.
    It’s quite possible that somebody else has caught her eye.
    If you are being intimate with her (eg kissing) then good, keep it up. Maybe it’s a blip.
    If there is no intimacy then she is probably not interested and you should gradually reduce contact.
    Nobody wants to chase as it’s not balanced.
    If she asks then let her know you have been busy doing other stuff etc.
    You can’t say this to her but you need to see she is interested in you and is willing to initiate things from time to time.
    If not the sooner you walk the less it will hurt.
    And I’m sorry but it sounds that’s quite likely.

    • I went back and read a bit more.
      I think you haven’t been intimate enough with her, so she is friend zoning you. Eg talking about her ex etc.
      Some chat is ok but you should of shut that shit down.

    • Well you're spot on that I'm smitten which makes it so hard for me to try and wait for her to initiate something.

      We actually have gotten quite intimate though beyond just kissing and I even spent the night with her after she asked if I wanted to. This just makes me even more confused though. I'm worried that she just wants me when she's feeling lonely and wants someone to be with. I really like her and want a real relationship with her and I just wish I knew what she really wanted so I would know what I should do.

      I wish I wasn't so insecure :(

    • Yeah you sound a bit insecure. Be careful with that it’s woman repellent.

      Perhaps she senses it and is turned off a little bit.

      All I can say is try to relax and just enjoy it.
      Try not to be too keen and find other activities to distract you from her.

      You should also try and take the lead/initiative if possible.
      It is a good sign that she is asking you over and that you are intimate.

  • Call beats text.


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