Guys, what's the scoop on texting and phone calls??

He is frequently texting me things like "hey" and being very basic. I know guys are typically straight to the point..but damn can I get a well-thought out text like.."Hey, how's your day going so far...or...what do you have going on later?"" Let me not make him out to be the worst case scenario..we do hang out and we do talk on the phone but I'm just wondering wtf is "hey" for a txt? we are in the beginning stages of dating with not a whole lot to talk about but we could maybe find something if we could get past don't want to look like a nag because at least he is letting me know he is thinking about me so I m not "really" complaining just wondering what I should do to get more substance out of the conversation and let him know that I want more communication without looking like I'm nagging or irritated by it..i m just looking for ways to progress and "hey" isn't cutting it guys..


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  • Some people just text like that as a sort of reminder for you to contact them or something.


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  • at least he's texting you ! lol I can't even get that out of the guy I like :P is it him that texts you first? because if so, try texting him, ask him the questions you would like to be asked yourself. sometimes guys pick up on stuff like that. or maybe jokingly slip it in to a conversation that his texts aren't very exciting lol ! xx

    • If he's like myself and flirts with a lot of girls (even while in a relationship) he'll keep it to "hey". just to keep it safe. whoever replies back to him will get the attention of course.

    • Thanks girl, Yep its him who text me first which I can't lie makes me feel special and I know that something to embrace in the beginning with guys..Im trying not be overbearing or needy and just go with the flow because I'm conflicted with the idea that communication is key..but like I said it isn't bothering to much at this point, so I should probably play it cool. Yea I text too and I definitely have more to say than "hey" but in his defense he has said other stuff b4 so "hey" is a new thing 4 him!!

    • So Dave, with that said and being it may be a possibility..should I just leave it alone and go with the flow with the idea of may the (best chick win) lol...Ohh they lovely idea of dating...and of course the Cat and Mouse game that we hate to Love!

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