I losed my serious girlfriend?

How do i get my serious girlfriend back because she called for a breakup and i’m not so happy with it


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  • Did she say why

    • Yes she did. I explained a whole lots with the whole truth and she still insist on the breakup

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    • Zibit she's not giving you a choice. If you truly cared for this girl you wouldn't have had those chats with the person you had sex with. Everyone makes mistakes. Best advice is to move on and when you find that next girl, decide if she's the one worth focusing on before you make another mistake you may regret. The girl you are trying to get back probably won't give you another chance because she respects herself and deserved better.

    • So should that be the end of the relationship?

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  • Why did she want to breakup? THis reason will determine if it's worth it or not to try.

    • Well she found out some chats on my phone but she’s not understanding me if i keep explaining. What else should i do?

    • If you were talking to other females, more than likely you should have told her about it before she found out. I am going to tell you like I tell my son, if you talk to other females - let your girlfriend know and know they are friends. Never hide anything from a girl. Usually when you do, she's not going to trust you. Females want respect, just like males. Honesty helps. I would see if she will sit down and talk to you and ask her why she doesn't want to try eventhought you've explained. To me, there's more to this situation (or there was things in those chats) where she's not going to trust you to give you the time of day.

    • Actually, there were lots in the chats

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