Guys how many of you 30+ men only are or know players in their 30s?

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  • I'm 30+ but not a player
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  • I'm not a player, but not settled down either. Have no intention of ever doing so. I don't know how anyone could settle down with someone who has very likely bounced their way through the hookup culture.

    • I agree, anyone who is a player is immediately off putting.

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  • I am 30. And never played with women. No lie. That's not me. I am a very shy guy. If I like a women I'll introduce myself the right way. Saying hi.

  • guess its not as common by 30 to be a player as a lot of people are settled down by then , although there is still some

    • Yeah I know I suppose I'm just trying to gage a general percentage here really out of curiosity.

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