Gym approach yes or no?

Lady's, I need your expert opinion! There's about 5 or 6 really pretty women at the gym I go to who I constantly catch glancing and or looking at me in some way probably at least 10-15 times each per session. Now believe me I know the rule about hitting on women at the gym and I understand it's a no no. However if i walked up to them in between sets and just said a friendly "hi" and introduced myself would that be alright? I'm a pretty decent looking guy who's taller (6'3) and have always had beautiful women in my life. Recently I broke up with my girlfriend of 6 years and am trying to bounce back on my feet. I feel like a few of the girls would really like me to come up and say hi but I'm holding back as to not be "that guy". Like I said I catch them staring at me all throughout my workout but aren't really sure if it's acceptable to say hi and introduce myself like that randomly at the gym. Thoughts? Ideas?


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  • Maybe try to catch them when they are leaving the gym, I wouldn't want to be approached during my work out, it'll throw me off.

    • Thanks for the response, I'm literally one of those people who get to the Gym, put on my beats and don't look at or communicate with anyone so i can definitely relate. Sometimes it's nice to get a solid female perspective! Thanks again!

  • Okay, so you know that you shouldn’t do it because it makes women uncomfortable but you’re looking to do it anyway. Why do you think that rules don’t apply to you?

    • A.) Because not all "rules" apply to every circumstance.
      B.) If saying hi bugs someone that much your probably a little socially awkward and need to loosen up and understand that life is just a big game.
      3.) "You miss 100 out of 100 shots you never take."

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    • Yes i would

    • @Kenni please take your inane flirting elsewhere. Cheers.

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