Do you think that where you live means all the differences for dating opportunities?

Now this will probably vary for everyone based on one's personal tastes and preferences, but I've noticed that ever since I moved into my own place in the suburbs of Chicago and from dating women in the suburbs and the city, I feel like the opportunities are a lot slimmer in the suburbs.

I have a hard time meeting women as is, but I noticed that most of the people I've met even from dating sites/apps that I'd be interested in generally live in the city.

When I go in dating sites and look for women in my town and the surrounding towns, a good majority of them fall into 3 categories.
They're either
1. Basic women or women that I just don't click with and have absolutely nothing in common with. Sure they might be cute, but appearance isn't everything.
2. Single moms. Been there, done that. Not for me.
3. Really obese or just not physically attractive. Like number 1, appearance isn't everything but there has to be at least some physical attraction in the mix with a good personality.

There have been some women in the suburbs that have appealed to me but few and far in between.

On the flip side of that, a lot of the girls I've dated who live in the city expect you to live in the city. And it sucks, because I've been trying to move into to the city ever since I started the job Im at now but it's been tough to save due to bills, random expenses, etc and just the fact that my job didn't pay as well as I thought. I do commute to the city daily for work and have a car to get around, but for a lot of women, they expect you to live in the city or else it's a deal breaker.

Have you had more luck dating in the city or suburbs? Girls if you lived in the city, and a guy lived 30 mins away from the city but was there every day, would you still consider dating him?
Do you think that where you live means all the differences for dating opportunities?
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