Continue or stop the long-distance relationship?

We’ve had dated for 4 months until I went to another country to pursue my study. He did not know that when we started dating, because I only told him when I surely got my visa. Now it has been 3 months since I left my country. We’ve been texting and video-calling for 3 months. He tried everything to keep the conversation going, from what he cooks today, to sending me his photos of his business trips. But I feel exhausted from answering all questions, and I don’t want to try to be happy whenever I chat with him. There is a mis-match between our emotions when we live apart. Then one day I asked him if he really took our ‘connection’ as a ‘real relationship’, he said no. I was totally upset. I know, I seem to be the one who lose interest first, but he made me feel stupid and seem like I have wasted my time and effort on this relationship. He said he needed time to think about it. We haven’t talked for 2 weeks, and now I feel really bad. I really miss him and miss our time together.
He was the best person that ever opened himself to me. I even think I will never meet anyone better than him. And now our relationship get stuck. As our condition, we can only meet like once a year when I travel back in my summer break. It takes 2 years for me to finish my study. I don’t know if we could overcome all that time and distance. Should we really stop here or not? And if not, how can we do that? I’ll really appreaciate all your advice. Thank you.


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  • You are the first one who makes a decision, decide that you love him enough to get through that 2 hard and rough year, or you don't, and if you don't, then leave that relationship behind. But, if you choose staying in it, you have to talk to him about this, tell him about your feelings, your plans, that you wanna stay with him , etc. Then everything is on him, depens on what he decide.


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  • if your love is enough for him he would never look to another girl and for you too. its not about distance its about true love. no need to think he doesn't love you enough or he still doesn't know your value

  • You have to decide, but I would have left it


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