Is he really too busy?

I have been talking to a guy for past 2 months now. He seemed very interested at the start , we met 3 times , twice met up on a night out and once went on a walk. After that he continued to text me a lot and said how much he's interested and wants to see me but claimed he is too busy with collage work but will see me when his deadlines are over. But after the deadlines were over he still has not asked to see me , so one day I confronted him about it and he said he wants to see me but its Christmas time so he has to spend time with his family but he will let me know when he is available. I haven't heard from him since that day and I'm not sure what to make out of it but doesn't seem like he's interested anymore , any advice?


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  • You basically pulled a nut up or shup up moment, which in anyway you put it is sexy ass fuck. So i would say, you found yourself a fuck boy... you deserve better stay classy gurl. Mad respect

  • the third date, which it sounds like it will be, is generally known as the "sex" date. if you're planning on it, or whatever, he may just be nervous about sex. i dk

    im not him, so, i dont know whats going through his head


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  • Forget about him and move on... Nobody esp guys are EVER TO BUSY TO DO WHAT THEY WANT!! So if he wanted you he would make time.


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