Had an amazing first date, why is she being a little guarded afterwards?

We went out on a first date, had an AMAZING time. Throughout the date lots of good conversation, flirting, and she said things about how we’ll have to do xyz when we hang out again. Had a heavy makeout session afterwards. She was really into it and overall, the date went extremely well.

She did say she just got out of a serious relationship in August and that she is “guarded”, so if I feel like she’s being distant that is why.

We talked very sporadically, with her asking me how my day was two nights in a row. It was Christmas weekend so I didn’t expect a lot of communication. But she was a little more communicative before our first date.

I said we should go out again later this week. She said she might be available Wednesday, Friday or Saturday depending on work. Wednesday ended up not working. Then she said she could only do during the day Friday. I couldn’t do that. So I said let me know when you have a free night again. She said “Definitely I will next week”

Did she lose interest in me? Is she seeing other guys? What would be going through this girl’s’ head? My theory is maybe she thought we moved too fast with making out so she’s trying to play it cool?


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  • Or you’re over thinking and overreacting and she's busy? And your schedules don’t match,

    • Why wouldn’t she at least be texting me then? Just felt like she was being evasive

    • She’s busy... like i said... even awhile up after the holidays people are busy, and have a lot going to. Cleaning up, traveling, etc... give her time and space and don’t automatically assume she’s seeing someone else.

    • Ok I see your point. So I should wait until next week to text if at all?

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