What does it mean when he flashes his eyebrows at me?

So, there is a guy I work with, he is vary attractive both physically and personality wise. Sometimes I will see him coming toward me or I'll be facing his direction, and we will lock eye for about probably 3-5 seconds, but just before we look away his eyebrows will shoot up. It doesn't look like it is intentional and this has happened countless times, what do you think it means?
So there is a guy I know I have had a crush on for a while, he knows I an having a hard time right now so at least once every day I see him he will ask me if I am *OK* he notices when I am really frustrated and when I am he does me favors and tries to bring me out of it. And sometimes we lock eyes for about 3-5 seconds I'll feel a unexplainable feeling in my stomach then his eyebrows will flash up and we will both look away, i will feel flushed and awkward and embarrassed after that do you think


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  • Nothing, just a thing that he is used to

    • Are you sure?

    • Yes because some people do things that become second nature to them, they don't even realize that they are doing it.

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