Does she still want me?

So a girl one day dm’d me and was really nice. She always texted me first and told me she thought I was cute and wanted to go out with me. I said I would but it never happened due to various reasons. Some time has passed and she has a boyfriend. While she has a boyfriend she followed me on Twitter and we had a short basic convo. I’m certain if she was single I could get with her In a heartbeat. Although it seems like they’re really into each other. I feel like early on I could’ve got with her but now I’m not sure. And I’m not bragging but I’d definitely say I’m more attractive. Alas the reason she seemed desperate for me in the first place. Would she take me over him or cheat on him?


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  • If she's willing to cheat or go behind another guy's back then it's likely she would do the same to you. STAY AWAY


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