My rave boyfriend?

My current boyfriend and I started dating June 3 of 2017. He went to EDC Las Vegas on the 16th of June. When i first met him i really did not think that the raves and drugs would bother me, but now here we are a few days away from 2018 and every time he goes to a rave I️t makes me sick to my stomach and i sit and stress at home. He’s never given me any reason to think he is cheating on me, but today I️ ran into a friend that i don’t talk to everyday, but i can always rely on ( he’s male). He’s very good friend with one of my bfs good friends and my friend and my boyfriends friend we’re hanging out drinking some beers together and my bfs friend brought EDC and how my boyfriend went this past year and how he met up with girls and how in May of 2018 they’re going to go and meet up with the same girls. I️ love and care for my boyfriend a lot and we’re both grown adults, but I don't know what to think of this or what to do? Is I️t a mistake if i tell him I️m not okay with him going to raves and doing the drugs he does anymore? I guess making him choose?


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  • You have different lifestyles, break up and move on. He's a cheating addict and that's prob not going to change.


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