Do you think this can go anywhere?

Met a guy online, we went out on a bowling date and then got some food after. Everything went fine, he was a gentleman. Thing is he’s in the navy and I asked him if he was leaving soon to which he said yes. I told him to give me some warning next time to which he said “I wasn’t planning on anything serious 😢“ with a sad face. I’m only upset because we hooked up but he wants to see me again before he leaves on Monday. We’re both 22 by the way


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  • Yes it's an insult the terrible "nothing serious". If I were you I'd say "ok, then let's move your ass to a friendzone and look for someone serious".


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  • When a guy says he doesn't want anything serious, believe him.
    he's just in it for "fun"
    He doesn't want a long term relationship right now
    If you want a relationship, move on.
    You will find another guy


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  • Long distance relationships work, give it a chance and if it doesn't keep on pushing.


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