Did beauty become so important nowdays?

Nowdays girls seek besuty in men, and this is the most important part of their partner-choice. Why is that? Why does a man have to look beautiful to stand a chance. Im not saying hadnsome... being handsome is okay, but nowdays beaing beautiful is espected. Girls, any comment on this?


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  • Why does a girl have to be pretty to get any. It goes both ways sweetheart.

    • Obviously, but from a girl the only thing is expected to be pretty. This is the natural way. A man does not have to be pretty, he has different skills. He needs to be smart, he needs to earn enough to maintain the family, he needs to be rational, he needs to provide housing, etc. Somehow nowdays this whole thing became so unnatural and unrealistic as girls are turning men into make-up artistic pussies.

    • I'd prefer that my man be attractive then have those damn skills, of course a compatible personality. I'd rather that he be hot, then rich, smart or anything.

  • You need to be attracted in order to like someone sexually?


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