Can anyone give me some love advice?

i recently broke up with my ex because my mother did not approve, so he quickly moved on and i did too but somehow me and him got back together but we both are dating other people.
my mother would kill me if she found out, what do i do?
i still love him and i dont want to lose him again...


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  • you guys destroyed other people hearts
    I think you should be with him and don't waste your new boyfriend time don't hurt him more and don't let your ex boyfriend to hurt his girlfriend as well
    ooooooH you guys are stupid I think also your old ex boyfriend is not a real man he is a chicken if I loved a girl I won't let anyone to stop me to be with her else death
    you know even death I am trying to find something about it but I can't I didn't stop for more than two years
    and your boyfriend didn't even try to fight your family fuck you made me angry
    aaah I know a guy who fight all his girlfriend family for more than year then he got married with her and he has 3 children's

    • so are you saying that he's not good enough and doesn't actually love me cause if he did he would fight against my mother?

    • yes i am saying this and I am saying you are bad as well to hurt honest man and bad stupid cuz you still love your ex boyfriend
      so you guys both of them bad
      you are not better than him
      so go back to him
      but I am not sure that he can protect you on the other hand who cares if he protect you or not you will stay love him 😉

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  • At the end of the day you have to stand up to your mother and live life for yourself

  • its not your mothers busines your an adult

    • but she still thinks im a kid

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    • thank you so much

    • no prob😊

  • So you both have open relationships?

    • yes, but we both love eachother and our other partners

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    • no, but they do know that me and him used to date

    • So they dont know that you are hooking up behind the others back? Thay can lead to other problems of their own. If you really love this guy you have to ask youraelf whats more important, him or your grama. Or more harsh. Just how much longer does she have to live vs how lonv you think you will love/want to be with him.

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