Do you really have to humilate yourself and lower your value just to get a girlfriend?

Its common in movies to see a man lowering his value and humilating himself infront of so many people just to get the girl of his "Dreams" and she happens to love him as well...

Do yo really have to do that in real life as well? do you have to humilate yourself to get a girl? to act stupid, to do things that are cringy and to pursue girls even though they made it obvious they have no interest in you?
it seems to me nowdays that a lot of women expect men to humilate themselves to get them from my own personal experience and experiences of others, guys who act stupid, dumb and pretty much humilate themselves tend to fare better , i know guys that messaged a girl 5 times before they got a hi after weeks of trying , i know others who get insulted and shit on but still tolerate it to get the girl and it works for them.

i can't do that, i get a lot of attention and interest from the ladies but i can't humilate myself to get a girl i simply can't, and i believe not willing to humilate myself has cost me a lot of dating opportunities.


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  • always remeber movies are not compared to real life. there is a term perfection in movies which does not exist in reality. so stop comparing your realtionships or girls as in movies.

    • Apparently u haven't read anything

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    • yeah right. self love is the only thing

    • i know a guy who is afraid to drive to the local maccdonalds becuase his gfs house is on the way to maccdonald's so he rarely if ever goes there , plus his girlfriend treats him like shit whenever she likes to and only recently he started actually trying to answer back when she loses her shit... just one example out of many but yeah...

  • Not really unless the girl is a fucking tard


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