Is she still interested in me?

Basically I kinda like this girl and we have been talking to each for a couple months by text and odd occasion at work, as we sometimes don’t see each other at work as we work in a big place so it’s pretty rare we see each other. But today I was working in a room with a few work mates n she happened to be walking past, we both so each other. When she so me her eyes went big n leaned her back back n carried on walking without saying hello. It was like if she was surprised or scared to see me lol. So I wanna no what did her body language actually ment? and how come she dint say anything?, as well the first question. Thanks for your help


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  • honestly you could go up to her and say something casually like “HEY HOws it going?” If the convo isn’t awkward you could chuck in a “HEY look I saw you before when ya walked past , you looked quite shocked what was all that about?” I’d say that in a nice manner like while laughing or something THATS JUST ME that’s what I’d do because I have no idea what people are thinking so I’d just ask. Hope that helps in any way I don't know

    • Hi thanks for ya reply. Might asked that see what she says haha. But do you have an idea why she might of looked surprised when she so me?

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  • Jus go upto her and talk to her, if you like her, try asking her out and you'll get to know if she's into you or not. Seriously, take some action my dude, don't just sit on talking to this girl only to realize she is not in you and you wasted so much time on her.

    • Thanks for your reply and yeah might do that, but when I talk to girls and have decent conversation for some reason all of sudden it just dies of for no reason then never hear from them

    • Who cares if the conversation dies, at least you made an effort and got closure. I'd rather find someone interested to talk to me. Hope you get the point. Good luck mah dude.

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