I need quick help guys.. what do I do?

my boyfriend has been acting different lately, we don't talk that much & i feel like im the only one who's tryin.. so i decided to treat him the same way nw he's asking me wats wrong with me.. nw i dont knw what to what to tell him

i first told him im fine but he said im lying to myself

i need quick help guys


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  • If dump him as he's clearly not into you like he was before. The relationship is going nowhere and is doomed anyway

  • Just tell him why you acted like that because he does the same to you.

    • he actually replied sayin say "you are lying to urself "wen i said im okay.. he ddnt ask me why im acting strange

  • First he's cheating. The attention he was giving you he's giving someone else. Second tell him don't worry about it while you plan the breakup.

    • i dont think his cheating i think its abwt family cz he has mentioned that before.. but i dont knw what to say to him

  • He's bored

    • so should i still tell him im okay?

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    • thanks.. its already at night this side though

    • Sorry. Have a nice night

  • Tell him it's none of his business


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