What are the ways to become more confident in dating?

I have been single recently and as of lately miss being in relationship. I would like to meet someone but the idea of dating sites is scary to me and I refuse to do it.
My friends tell me it's impossible to meet guys because they're all very picky and everyone wants to date 9 or 10. On top of that, I don't meet any guys because I work a lot which is not by choice but it's just the kind of field I'm in.
I won't approach any guys because I don't feel confident enough and I have no desire to be rejected and have my feelings hurt.
That being said, is there a hope for an attractive woman but definitely not 9/10?


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  • The best way I have found is by talking to women about each of our insecurities and help each other feel more confident. This app is the best way I have found to do that. We can meet in an environment that is non threatening where we can provide mutual support.


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  • I'll give you a few suggestions, sure I am only 16 but I got a lot of experience from failing. If you're a random girl (Model, Decent, Overweight, anorexic, short, tall, etc.) It would make my day better and it will tell me that I am accepted and still attractive enough for a girl! Or that will just tell me "Oh my a girl is making a move, oh shit I gotta panic!" I already got a good girl because I was ballsy enough to approach her. So let's break it down.

    My tips from experience to an Opposite sex:

    #1: Do not approach guys that sag their pants, vape or have an EXTREMELY trendy sense of fashion.
    (Explanation: Because they tend to care more about their own appearances and will most likely be less likely to accept you as "A hot chick" and might have high douche standards. and will not care about you as much as another guy that is just old fashioned and dressed and acts more like a chill, polite dude or acts like a business guy )

    #2: Take some certain slangs and sentences as a sign.
    (Explanation: If the guy uses terms such as "Nigga", "I got bitches", etc. then you're better off without him because he might be a player or a dumbass)

    #3: When you find a normally dressed decent looking man, try to ask him questions about where he studies or works at and then after that little small talk drop a statement like "I would like to talk to you again sometime" or just be straight forward and give him the number!

    In conclusion, GO FOR IT. MAKE SURE IT ISN'T A high standard seeking douchebag and you will have a 95% of being accepted!

  • I'm kinda in the same boat. I work a lot, don't have frequent opportunities to meet new people in a meaningful setting, and feel weird about approaching complete strangers. I feel like our culture doesn't address this very well, so we have a lot of lonely people out there not meeting each other.

  • Dating websites can be successful, maybe you just need to bite the bullet. Or maybe set up a blind date with me? šŸ˜Š Iā€™m a nice guy and Iā€™m not unattractive šŸ˜‰


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