Do guys understand signs from their best girl friends?

I tried to give out signs but he doesn't seem to understand then i thought about sending him this video about a movie when a girl loves her best friend is it a good idea if i send it to him? youtu. be/jzpzFt-Gf0k


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  • He has probably noticed the signals but doesn't trust his instincts and are afraid of his instincts. If he enjoyed your signals he probably likes you too. Don't be so afraid of rejection. He probably fears it too. How about reaching in for a kiss when he doesn't expect it and tell him that way? That's a signal hard to misunderstand. :D

    Do it when you are separating one evening. If he rejects your advances. You could say you tried kissing his cheek and accidentally hit his mouth by mistake, plausible deniability, lol.

    • Hahah i dont think it would be easy to have such courage..

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    • I understand you very well. :) The good news is that it's easier to get out of the friendzone as a woman than as a man. If he is shy and a bit awkward with girls you could tell him he is allowed to practice being your boyfriend for a while, if he panics you have plausible deniability by telling him it was a joke. lol.

      But enough of my silly solutions, what are you going to do?

    • What are what,?

  • Nope haha


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  • No they will never understand signs. I know from experience that your just going to have to tell him.

    • But he is my best friend its really nerve wracking

    • I know it is I’ve been through it multiple times. Sometimes it doesn’t change anything and sometimes it changes everything it really just depends on the guy

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