Should I stop texting her?

I have a crush and we have been texting each other for a month now. I want to text her but I'm afraid I'm being too clingy. I've been initiating a conversation with her 3-4 times a week. Based off of the way she is responding, I'd say that she isn't bothered by me texting her. I most of the time have been initiating the conversation. This is the best shot of getting a girlfriend I have had a long while. I just don't want to screw up again.


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  • Wait a few days, and if she hasn't initiated a conversation, message her and be honest about liking her and you don't want to be clingy buy you enjoy talking to her. Her response will let you know if you should continue perusing her.

    • Problem is she just got out of a relationship and we don't to go to the same school

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    • Asker, yes feel free to PM me

    • Haha yeah Ash. And good luck Asker. Tag me or PM me if you want to talk as well

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  • Continue pal. Just don't initiate the chat but try something that'll make her begin the conversation

    • Like what?

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    • She will still be on vacation. I can't tell if she is being polite or likes me.

    • I don't know about you, but if I like a girl I don't care if it's her being polite or actually liking me at first. If she has an idea to hangout then I'd just go for it so I can be with her

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